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Service for consumers

Keep your time

Text us what you need and when. You do not have to spend your time choosing where and how to buy what you need anymore. Just subscribe and enjoy!

We take care of our customers

If you cannot make a purchase yourself, just set up an auto delivery for the selected products and get additional reward for that.

Save your money

You do not need to worry about missed discounts. Cashbacks for purchases significantly replenish your wallet.

Personalized shopping

Artificial intelligence will allow you to get the "ideal shopping" service that adapts to you. Everyday. Each hour.

Service for business

Target Marketing

Using artificial intelligence, you can run highly effective "sniper" marketing campaigns. This will help reduce costs and make the price for the customers more accessible.

Elimination of Out-of-Stock and Overstock

Integrating with our platform, businesses will always keep their finger on the pulse. Trained neural network simply will prevent both product shortage and product overstock problems.

"Secret buyer" is no longer needed

Since the platform is based on the fundamentals of blockchain and artificial intelligence, it is no longer necessary to use "secret buyer" service. Our system makes inefficiency visible immediately.

Launching a new product "like a shot"

You do not need large operating costs to launch a new product on the market. Our data analysis tools and AI can make the process easier and more efficient.

Settings of the product range depending on the area

The platform will provide accurate advice on the effective range of products to sell in a certain area. This will allow sellers provide exactly what customers need and become more efficient by reducing the amount of overstock and refunds.

Start for local business

For small-scale production, farms or family businesses, there is an opportunity for a quick and inexpensive launch of their products on the market. We will show you how to do this with precision of a jeweler and you will not have to worry about anything except quality of your products.

What is MRWAY?

MRWAY is a multifunctional trading platform that is built with a help of AI and aimed to make every consumer experience as personalized as possible. The system takes payment in the cryptocurrency and helps businesses easily and quickly bring the best products to the "shelf" with the least possible costs.

The platform gives wide opportunities for manufacturers of goods (from small to transnational), retail points, logistics agents (from students to the international level companies):

  • system of the blockchain transparent reviews;
  • instant payments;
  • Highly effective marketing tools (for example, "sniper" campaigns);
  • reduction of losses by elimination of Out-of-Stock and overstock problems;
  • tools for launching new products;
  • flexible incentives system for customers and logistic agents.

All this allows to reduce the final cost of products for consumers.

What is MRWAY?
For consumers
This is a personal assistant that will help you quickly buy exactly what you need and when you need it. All the power of artificial intelligence for shopping is now in your pocket!
For business
A highly accurate marketing and analytics tool that allows you to be on the same wave length with consumers. For small businesses, the system is an affordable way to enter the market. For big businesses - it is the reduction and optimization of marketing costs and the solution for Out-of-Stock and Overstock problem.
For logistics agents
It is a tool of a daily stable income, because we pay not only for the delivery time, but also for the time you are in the system. Couriers can be rated based on their popularity, while companies can use the platform as a flexible tool for efficiency improvement.

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The project team

Sergey Lysenko
CEO, Co-founder
Experience in business for more than 20 years. Co-founder of Re:point Software, Inc. (USA), and the project (Data Assistant from DNA to build personalized programs for weight loss).
Maxim Tolmachev
CIO, Co-founder
Experience in international companies, production studios and IT start-ups. Co-founder of Re:point Software, Inc. (USA), and the project (Data Assistant from DNA to build personalized programs for weight loss), a blockchain enthusiast.
Rachel Gabriel
Content expert, US market advisor
Chris Olson
Branding, consumer experience
Bryan Rodriguez
Visual design, CG-expert
Oxana Taizhenova
Darhan Abdigapar
Administrative director, GR specialist
Karina Tsoy
Product manager
Olessya Kazakova
Audit and Finance
Vyacheslav Sin
Sergey Sergeyev
Creative director
Vladimir Titskiy
System analyst
Aizhan Zharkimbekova
Junior product manager
Yemanakova Darya
Junior product manager
Vladimir Savitskiy
Visual design, 3D expert
Melnik Yevgeniya
UI/UX, Visual design
Yaroslav Kambarov
Frontend developer
Vitaliy Tsoy
Frontend developer
Zarina Bakirova
iOS developer

Mutual team experience

Platform Development Plan

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